Combat Cold Weather With Some Hot Sake

Sushi and sake…Can you name a more iconic duo? Strangely enough, it wasn’t until the turn of the century when the Japanese adopted eating sushi with sake on a regular basis. In the past, sushi was enjoyed more commonly with beer rather than sake. Care to know more about sake? Read on!

Sake is produced through a brewing process, converting starch into sugar. After another 25-30 days of fermentation process, sugar is converted to alcohol. In this sense, sake is closer to beer than wine. It may sound simple, but the entire process can take anywhere from few months to years. The grade of the end product depends on rice polishing ratio, and different grades result different flavor profiles.

Sake may be confusing and even intimidating, but it’s a lot more approachable than you think because it is milder and more balanced than most other drinks, like wine and whisky. Due to its gentle flavor profile, you can match sake with a wide variety of food.  Any food from traditional Japanese dishes to European cuisine, you will be able to find a right sake that compliments the food.

At Osaka Japanese Bistro, we serve a wide range of Japanese dishes and drinks. If you are unsure of which sake to choose, just ask one of our well-trained staff. They will help you to find the perfect sake that will elevate your dining experience to another level.


Sushi Spotlight: Sea Urchin (Uni)

If you’re new to the sushi scene, you may be slightly troubled by the sound of this dish. Anyone that has seen a sea urchin on TV or even in real life knows well to stay distant from these spiny creatures!

However, any seasoned sushi connoisseur will have nothing but praise for this delectable dish. “Uni” actually refers to the edible part of the sea urchin, which is the gonad that produces the roe. Fresh uni is usually creamy and softly dissolves in the mouth with little to no effort.

Uni - Osaka Japanese Bistro

You can tell the quality of the sea urchin by inspecting the color, smell, and consistency.

You can determine the quality of uni by taste, color, and scent. Grade A uni is usually bright yellow or gold, odorless with a creamy consistency. This level of uni is often offered only an a la carte sushi restaurants.

With Grade B and C level uni, you can immediately notice the lack of color saturation. It is common for Grade C uni to contain leftover parts from the sea urchin. The restaurant’s lack of proper handling of uni can also degrade its overall quality.

Uni is personally my favorite dish. When I visit a new sushi restaurant, I order uni as my benchmark to evaluate the overall quality of the restaurant. It’s widely known that the upkeep of uni is challenging. Not only does the fish itself need to be purchased fresh, but maintaining that quality within the restaurant before serving is a task in itself. Based on the taste and quality of the uni is a good indication of the restaurant’s overall attention to detail.

Street view of Osaka Japanese Bistro restaurant in Henderson, NV

Osaka Japanese Bistro serves fresh uni and other delicacies.

At Osaka Japanese Bistro, you can be rest assured that the quality of our uni is second to none. When it comes to offering the best fish and experience, we don’t take shortcuts. For the closest Japanese cuisine experience in Las Vegas, please visit us at Osaka Japanese Bistro. You won’t regret it!

Let’s Get Some Okonomiyaki!

At first glance, okonomiyaki seems like a cross between a breakfast pancake and New York pizza with mayo sauce. A little strange, right? While the okonomiyaki seems out of the ordinary to first-timers, those that have tried okonomiyaki can all agree that this iconic Japanese street food is delicious. If you can get over the look, okonomiyaki may certainly become your favorite in Japanese cuisine.

young girl traveler enjoying delicious grilled yakitori chicken skewers on street market in Japan

Street Food is very popular in Japan, especially in Osaka.

There are two popular styles of okonomiyaki: Kansai-style and Hiroshima-style. The biggest difference between the two is the cooking procedure. With Kansai okonomiyaki, the batter and the ingredients are cooked together. The batter and ingredients are cooked separately with Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. Both are very delicious and are worth trying!

Okonomiyaki at Osaka Japanese Bistro

The Okonomiyaki at Osaka Japansese Bistro is must try!

This iconic dish is widely popular in Japan, especially in Osaka where street food has a rich history. Of course, okonomiyaki is available at Osaka Japanese Bistro here in Las Vegas. Okonomiyaki is served in several different ways, but usually has toppings of seafood, veggies, and meat. Feel free to customize the dish however you desire!

If you’d like to taste okonomiyaki, come and try it at Osaka Japanese Bistro today!

Why You Need Sushi In Your Diet

Sushi is truly a versatile delicacy. It can be enjoyed in a number of different ways such as nigiri, rolls, or even sashimi. Choosing one of the three forms of sushi usually comes down to personal preference. However, if you are on a diet for weight loss (or even weight gain!), sushi may be a viable, delicious choice for you. Let’s go over why you should incorporate sushi into your meals.

Health Benefits

Firstly, sushi is an excellent source for omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for inflammation, bone & joint health, stamina, skin & more. Despite the choice of fish, you will receive an ample amount of protein from sushi sources.

Osaka Japanese Bistro Keto Diet

Sushi, along with fruits and select nuts, are ideal for the ketogenic diet.

Keto/Low-Carb Diet

Chances are you’ve heard of this rather popular diet that has been catching steam on social media. The keto diet has been adopted by many dieters because of its effectiveness for weight loss. The keto diet requires one to consume a very low amount of carbohydrates, generally less than 50 grams, and a high amount of fat. By doing so the body produces ketones, which substitutes fat as an energy source, including body fat. When the body is in this ketonic state, it is called ketosis.

How is this relevant to sushi? Well, sashimi is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. Eating sashimi will certainly not kick your body out of ketosis. Not a fan of sashimi? At Osaka Japanese Bistro, there are other keto options such as fried shrimp, chicken, beef, and more. Delicious!

Low Calorie Diet at Osaka Japanese Bistro

Sushi is ideal for low-calorie diets.

Low-Calorie Diet

Are you watching your calories? One piece of sushi nigiri generally has 60-70 calories. You can minimize the number of calories you are consuming by substituting white rice for brown rice. Of course, you can lower your calories by ordering sashimi instead of nigiri and rolls. Osaka Japanese Bistro also has many soup and salad options that are low in calories but equally delicious.

Kai's special sushi plate at Osaka Japanese Bistro

Rolls provide an ample amount of calories for those that are bulking

Weight-gaining Diet

For those that are dieting “for the gains”, sushi is also an excellent choice. Although gaining weight is the main purpose, not all calories are created equal. Sushi provides complex carbs as opposed to simple carbs found in junk food and fast food joints. The fats in sushi are also essential for health and contain no saturated or trans fat. If you can be liberal with your calorie consumption, go for our delicious rolls!


There is no need to slave through your diet! At Osaka Japanese Bistro, we offer plenty of different selections that adhere to any diet. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

A La Carte vs. All You Can Eat Sushi

Today we’d like to discuss a topic that is commonly asked in the sushi community here in Las Vegas–A la carte vs. All you can eat sushi. Which is better?

“Better” can be quite subjective, so we can break this down into several categories. Let’s discuss each topic one by one:

View of ample parking at Osaka Japanese Bistro Henderson location

Osaka Japanese Bistro has been an a la carte restaurant since its inception.

Before we begin this discussion, let’s be clear that Osaka Japanese Bistro is not all you can eat (ayce for short). Osaka Japanese Bistro only serves a la carte sushi in both its Sahara and Green Valley location. With that being said, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to eat a la carte or all-you-can-eat, as both will have pros and cons. With that being said, let’s discuss our first topic.

Kai's special sushi roll at Osaka Japanese sushi restaurant

AYCE options tend to be more budget-friendly!


It is a common belief that ayce will provide better value for your meal for it’s “unlimited” nature. If you’re looking for a filling meal and prioritizing quantity over quality, ayce may be the choice for you. However, most restaurants enforce a time and order limit on certain dishes. The time limit usually ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. Certain dishes such as uni (sea urchin), amaebi (sweet shrimp), and more are limited to one order per person. It is important to understand that while a la carte can be more expensive than ayce, utilizing specials and happy hours is an excellent way to undercut the regular costs.

Osaka tokujyo nigiri

While a la carte selections are more expensive, they tend to be higher quality than those offered at ayce restaurants.


If you are prioritizing quality over quantity, usually the a la carte restaurants will provide a better experience. The reason for this is the fish is sourced from different vendors that can be more fresh and catered. At Osaka Japanese Bistro, we ensure that all our sources are fresh and routinely inspected for quality. Because ayce restaurants tend to focus on quantity than quality, they may not have the same flexibility when ordering fish from vendors. However, some ayce restaurants offer excellent value and quality for their menu items. It is best to do your research when selecting a restaurant to dine at.

Japanese food okonomiyaki

Okinomiyaki and other popular dishes are served at Osaka Japanese Bistro.

Diversity of Menu.

Because of the nature and popularity of ayce restaurants, the kitchen staff is primarily focused on serving ayce orders, even though it is very common to find that ayce restaurants offer an a la carte menu as well. The majority of customers that dine at ayce restaurants go for the ayce experience and not the a la carte. This, in turn, causes the kitchen staff to prioritize ayce dishes over its a la carte selections.

In comparison, a la carte restaurants are usually more diversified. A la carte restaurants such as Osaka Japanese Bistro only has one main menu. This not only simplifies the experience, but it allows the chef and kitchen staff to specialize the entire menu. For example, Osaka Japanese Bistro serves authentic cuisine such as noodles from soba to udon, donburi mono, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and even teppanyaki. If you want a range of selections, a la carte is usually the better choice.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons when you are considering dining sushi. Ask yourself these questions before making a decision. Do I want quality over quantity? Do I want more than just sushi? What is my budget?


At Osaka Japanese Bistro, we want to offer you the highest quality of sushi. Osaka always offer special promotions and discounts, so please check our social media channels and website periodically. You are always welcomed to call us for any daily specials as well. Happy dining!

What is Umami? More Than Just “Delicious”!

If you regularly eat Japanese cuisine, you may have heard this phrase, umami, in the past. It is a term that is commonly used to describe a delicious and savory sensation, such as biting into a juicy burger or taking a sip of piping hot meat broth.

Osaka Las Vegas el pollo loco sushi roll on a plate

Umami is rich in fish, meat, and soy sauce. Sushi is a natural source of umami-packed nutrients. (El Pollo Roll)

Is Umami just a word to describe something delicious?

Umami is more than just an adjective for delicious food, it is actually a food taste we can distinctively detect.

This is significant because, for many years, food taste was broken down into four categories: sweetness, saltiness, sourness, and bitterness. Everything we eat is either one or a combination of these food tastes.

Kikunae Ikeda

Chemist Kikunae Ikeda discovered the fifth taste sensation, umami.

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda discovered a fifth food taste, and coined it umami, after the Japanese term for delicious (Umai).

Umami sensation is triggered when the tongue detects a chemical compound called glutamate. You may be familiar with monosodium glutamates or MSG. Since the discovery, many restaurants choose to use MSG to trigger an umami sensation.

What type of food contains Umami?

Well, sushi and Japanese cuisine, in general, tend to be packed with umami-rich sources such as fish, broth, shrimp, shiitake mushrooms…Even soy sauce! You’ll be pleased to know that because Osaka’s menu items offer natural glutamates from foods without the need for MSG.

Osaka Japanese Bistro teppanyaki chefs at their grill portrait of three teppan expert chefs

Osaka chefs explain the sensation of umami.

The savory taste that you recognize and love from Osaka’s food are thanks to its abundance in umami and other delicious ingredients.

“Umami offers a distinct food taste,” Green Valley sushi chef says. “We are mindful of it and try to incorporate umami into our dishes.”

Does Osaka Japanese Bistro offer Umami-rich selections?

Choose from the following if you are looking for a delectable umami meal:

fresh sliced aji sashimi presented by Osaka Japanese Bistro

Fish is naturally packed with umami.

Sushi – Any nigiri or roll (with Soy Sauce for added umami)

Nabeyaki Udon

Miso Soup

Seaweed Salad

Green Tea

See Our Online Menu

These are some of the available options at Osaka where you can dine a highly nutritious and umami-filled experience. See all of Osaka Japanese Bistro’s umami-rich dishes on our online menu.

Osaka Japanese Bistro: Delicious sushi takes time, dedication, and experience

What makes Osaka’s sushi & sashimi famous and well known for its high-quality fish?

The level of quality maintained at Osaka is nothing short of exceptional.

Exceptional Upper Management

First, it starts with having an excellent team and it primarily begins from the top and trickles to the bottom. Our top starts with the owner and sushi connoisseur Gene, and only he carries the highest quality fish and seafood available here in Las Vegas. Gene refuses to lower the standard of any fish that will potentially hurt his restaurant’s reputation.

Experienced Staff and Head Chef

Next, Gene and the management ensures that the head chef enforces stringent quality control when ordering seasonal seafood. Head chef Andy, aka “Andy-san”, has been a sushi chef for many years. His years of experience serving high-quality sushi is part of the reason that Osaka has been able to consistently maintain its superior quality. Andy personally samples and tastes many of the food before purchasing and maintains a strict level of quality assurance. Once a purchase has been ordered, keeping the fish clean and prepping it also takes time and practice.

“Many people may think that once a fish is ordered, it just needs to be stored and kept fresh before serving,” Andy-san stated. “But there are many different types of preparation each selection of fish needs to go through. Storing it in different ideal temperatures and filleting the fish also plays a huge role in keeping it fresh and delicious before eating.”

What is the freshest option available?

If you want to order the freshest selection of fish, make sure to ask your server or chef about the daily specials. The daily special will always feature the latest fish that have passed stringent quality control tests and is ready to eat.

Chef preparing raw salmon for sashimi, Omakase style Japanese traditional.

This is also the case for the Omakase. Omakase is a full-course sushi meal that is catered by the chef. This also ensures that the chef will only select the freshest options available during that day. Many restaurants offer Omakase but are usually always a set price and menu. It’s important to remember that traditional Omakase should not be a set menu.

Because Osaka offers seasonal specials, it will most likely never be the same price each time, let alone each table, due to items being constantly sold out. Our purchasers keep this in mind and always puts in an effort to have plentiful options and stocks. Though Osaka does sell out due to high demand, our careful decisions ensure that the quality you experience is truly second to none.


If you seriously want to test the level of quality Osaka has to offer, skip the usual lunch specials and instead try our daily special and/or Omakase. You will be impressed with the results!

Favorite Nigiri in Las Vegas

A simple question with multiple different answers–What’s your favorite nigiri in Las Vegas? Do you favor a popular choice such as salmon, or something more adventurous like scallop or sea urchin? Despite your answer, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality nigiri when you dine at Osaka Japanese Bistro.

Yellow Tail (Hamachi)

Yellowtail - Osaka Japanese Bistro

Yellowtail is a common favorite in most sushi restaurants.

I know many people that claim yellowtail (hamachi) is the best nigiri, and rightfully so. The yellowtail does so many things correctly. First, it is a generally neutral flavor with a subtle sweet after taste as you chew and swallow the fish. This cannot be said with some of the more dominant choices such as red caviar or more widely known as ikura (Also brilliant but in a different manner). Because of its rather neutral base, the yellowtail is one that is enjoyed at the beginning or the end of the course of the meal.

Sea Urchin (Uni)

Sea Urchin - Osaka Japanese Bistro

Sea Urchin (Orange colored fish at center). Not a common favorite, but a must for a sushi connoisseur.

Personally, my vote is the sea urchin (uni). Not only do I enjoy the rather fishy taste of the sea urchin, it’s also my “screening” nigiri of choice. When fresh, sea urchin is one of the most enjoyable nigiri you can select. However, it is quite expensive and succumbs to a rather short shelf-life. Thus, if you want to gauge how fresh (or not fresh) a restaurant really is, your best bet is to try the sea urchin and taste the quality. If the color is rather dull and its flavor overly fishy, chances are the restaurant is not very good at ordering fresh ingredients or keeping up its stock.


How about Osaka Japanese Bistro’s yellowtail and sea urchin? It’s been in business for decades and you’ll find many food critics claiming it as Vegas’ best when it comes to taste, quality, and service. Can you count on Osaka to serve exceptional yellowtail and sea urchin? You betcha! Come down and see for yourself.

Pairing Sake and Sushi in Las Vegas

Sake and Sushi in Las Vegas

Sake and Sushi in Las Vegas

It seems like sake and sushi has gone hand in hand for centuries. Traditionally speaking, the two hasn’t been enjoyed together routinely until the turn of the century. The reason? Eating rice and drinking distilled rice liquor was believed to be a huge no-no. It wasn’t until sushi was introduced to the West when it became common for individuals to enjoy sushi with a serving of sake. Naturally, it became integral within western civilization and Las Vegas to enjoy these two together.

What is the best combination for sake and sushi?

Choosing the right combination of sushi and sake can truly make the difference from a mediocre dinner to an exceptional meal. Here is a general rule of thumb when eating sushi and drinking sake:

  1. Sashimi goes best with a clean and crisp sake, such as Junmai Ginjo. Sashimi is not commonly eaten in the United States compared to Japan. However, most seasoned sushi connoisseur will agree that sashimi is sushi in its “purest form”. To complement this, critics will often recommend a smooth, clean sake such as Junmai Ginjo. Osaka Japanese Bistro serves a variety of Ginjo-style sake. Never had sashimi before? Read about it more here.
  2. Nigiri is enjoyed with a dry sake such as Junmai. Nigiri is my personal favorite amongst the three sushi categories. Sashimi is wonderful, but the composition of rice and a touch of wasabi with the fish is how I enjoy my sushi. For frequent nigiri diners, Junmai sake is the way to go for its dry, rich finish.
  3. Rolls should go together with Honjozo sake. Who doesn’t like a saucey, sweet roll? Because rolls tend to have many layers of flavor, it is commonly recommended to enjoy rolls with a richer sake like Honjozo.
Fresh Sake at Osaka Japanese Bistro

There are multiple options for sake. Make sure to choose the right one to drink with your sushi.


In conclusion, it is effective to pair the type of sake with the style of sushi you are eating. Remember that not all sake is created equal, exactly like sushi. Take a look at our sushi menu and see what sake combination may work best for you. You can be rest assured that when you dine at Osaka Japanese Bistro, you are receiving the best quality in terms of sushi, sake, service, and more. Osaka Japanese Bistro is one of the longest standing Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas, thanks to our commitment to excellent service and culinary offerings.

You can read more regarding sake on our extensive post here.


Host Lions Event was a Success! ROAR!

Thank you for those that came out to our Wine and Sake event, hosted by Las Vegas Host Lions and Osaka Japanse Bistro. We had a full house during the event, with multiple generous donations from club members and attendees. Osaka Japanese Bistro provided food and beverages such as nigiri, sushi rolls, salad, and more. The donations will be given to charities for the improvement within the Las Vegas community.

Wine and Sake Tasting at Osaka Japanese Bistro

Wine and Sake Tasting at Osaka Japanese Bistro

Osaka Japanese Bistro is a spacious venue with a teppanyaki grill, a sushi bar, and drinking bar, along with an acoustic room for live music. The venue can seat over 50 people comfortably. Food and beverage will be provided by Osaka Japanese Bistro from our team of exceptional sushi and teppanyaki chefs. The Osaka Sahara location is also a great venue for private parties and events. If you are interested in hosting an event at Osaka Japanese Bistro, please call us at (702) 616-3788.

Once again, thank you for attending this event sponsored by the Las Vegas Host Lions and Osaka Japanese Bistro.

Las Vegas Host Lions Annual Charity Event – Wine & Sake Tasting at Osaka Henderson

View of ample parking at Osaka Japanese Bistro Henderson location

The event will take place at Osaka Japanese Bistro at Henderson.

Come and join us for the annual charity event at Osaka Henderson, where we will host sushi, sake, and wine provided by Osaka Japanese Bistro. This annual event is for a great cause and all proceeds will be donated.

When is the event?

Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 2PM to 5PM. Please note that this event is at the Henderson location at 10920 South Eastern Avenue, Henderson, NV 89052.

Is there a fee to attend the event?

We ask that attendees make a $65 donation to attend the event when purchased prior through phone or at any Osaka location. This donation fee will be raised to $80 at the door. To purchase tickets prior to the event, please call Sharlene Lewis-McGinnis @ 702-498-4821.

Food and Beverages will be provided by Osaka Japanese Bistro.

What Type of Food and Beverage will be provided?

A variety of wine, sake, and sushi will be provided by Osaka Japanese Bistro. You can fully expect the delicious flavors of Osaka Japanese cuisine during this annual event. Alaskan Fish Fry and a select of Osaka sushi rolls or nigiri will be on the menu.

For more information, please refer to the official flyer below:

2019 Wine Flyer

Teppanyaki: Half Dinner, Half Entertainment in Las Vegas

Teppanyaki at Osaka is the best!

Hope everyone had a jolly good New Years! Today we want to discuss about Teppanyaki and why you should try it here in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world.

Dinner, Entertainment. Why settle with just one when you can have both? Teppanyaki is gaining in popularity like never before! For those of you that are searching for a solid Teppanyaki choice in Las Vegas, you should be thrilled to know that both Osaka Japanese Bistro locations in the valley offer Teppanyaki. Here is why you should consider Teppanyaki for your next dinner or event:


Teppanyaki is a combination of entertainment and dinner. We can guarantee that your dinner will be filled with juggling, fire from the grill, funny jokes, and that’s just the beginning. It all begins with our talented Teppanyaki chefs. They are highly experienced entertainers/chefs and they are trained to have you leaving with a smile.

Dinner is delicious.

Don’t forget that these entertainers are also certified chefs, and there is no doubt that the food you will eat will be very enjoyable. There are a variety of different meat and veggie choices offered during the meal, such as beef, shrimp, fried rice, eggs, and more. A single-person dinner is usually complete with fried rice or noodles and a main entree.

Family-Friendly Fun.

We highly encourage family outings! Teppanyaki dinners are open to people of all ages, so make sure to bring the whole family. Our Teppanyaki show will include juggling sticks on fire, egg spinning and tossing, and of course the iconic smoking onion tower. Feel free to take photos for social media and repost them for all your friends and family to see.

In conclusion, you can be sure to receive a filling dinner and tons of fun when you dine at Osaka. Please come and join us for our teppanyaki dinner tonight!

Top 3 Sushi Rolls You Need to Try in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to many unique attractions such as the iconic Las Vegas Strip, acrobatic Cirque De Soleil shows, exciting nightclubs, and more. Because Las Vegas is such a hot spot, you’re bound to find plenty of unique restaurants and eateries on and off the Strip. Naturally, restaurants strive to find new and creative ways to meet the expectations of the tourists and locals in the valley. Osaka Japanese Bistro is no exception. With the recent explosion of popularity in Japanese cuisine and primarily sushi, Osaka Japanese Bistro is always looking to improve its menu. Operational for over 50 years, Osaka Japanese Bistro has created award-winning sushi rolls over the years. Today, we want to share 3 sushi rolls that you need to try in Las Vegas.

3. Cajun Crunch Sushi Roll

A personal favorite of mine, the Cajun Crunch Sushi Roll is an explosion of irresistible flavor. The roll contains crispy shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and spicy crab topped with fresh albacore and Tataki & Banzai sauce. My first bite into the Cajun Crunch roll, I was met with the crunchy texture of the shrimp tempura. The oozy consistency of the cream cheese, however, was a nice contrast in comparison. The crab delivers just the right amount of spiciness to balance out the sweet and salty taste of the Tataki & Banzai sauce. The Cajun Crunch beautifully executes albacore, shrimp, and crab in one delicious roll.

2. Asakusa Sushi Roll

I had the pleasure of visiting Asakusa earlier this year during the Spring. While many temples are scattered throughout Japan, Asakusa is home to some of the most iconic temples in the bustling part of Tokyo. Though integrating modern buildings and roads without damaging the hundred-year-old temples were certainly a challenge, Asakusa is a clear example that old and new can seamlessly blend in today’s age. The Asakusa Sushi Roll does not exist in Asakusa, and sushi rolls, in general, are not nearly as popular in Japan compared to the United States. However, the Asakusa Sushi Roll served in Osaka Japanese Bistro is a perfect blend of Japanese-American sushi while containing the elegance and simplicity of Japanese sushi. It is served with spicy tuna, fresh albacore, and scallions topped with Tataki sauce. This fairly subtle but delicious roll is bound to impress you!

1. Roppongi Roll

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as numerous celebrities, media, and Guy Fieri has raved about the Roppongi Roll. The Roppongi Hills in Japan is equivalent to that of Beverly Hills in the United States. If the prestigious class of these two neighborhoods is directly representative to the taste of this roll, then I cannot find a better name! The Roppongi Roll contains spicy tuna, shrimp topped with another serving of tuna, masago, scallions, and drizzled with Tataki and Yum Yum sauce. This beautiful combination of sauce and fish with a sprinkle of masago on the top of each roll is simply a masterpiece. If you haven’t tried the Roppongi Roll at Osaka Japanese Bistro yet, you should, especially if you are a constant sushi connoisseur.

In conclusion, these are the 3 sushi rolls I recommend trying in Las Vegas. You can find all three of rolls only at Osaka Japanese Bistro.

The Jake Project Band Performs at Osaka Henderson

The Jake Project Band paid a visit to Osaka Henderson last Friday to perform live in front of a crowd of fans and diners. The Jake Project Band is not limited to one genre of music, but Jeffrey Sears, also known as Jake, best describes the band as a fusion of contemporary jazz, blues, and folk. You can see a few photos of the performance below:

The Jake Project Band

Jeffrey Sears, lead singer of The Jake Project Band

The Jake Project Band

Marcus on the keyboards for The Jake Project Band.

The Jake Project Band

Jimmy on the harmonica and saxophone.

The Jake Project Band

The band enjoys dinner at Osaka between practice.

Not only does the folks at Osaka strive to bring you the best Japanese cuisine, but provide world-class music and entertainment as well. After all, Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world! If you’re interested in learning more about The Jake Project Band, please visit their website and Facebook page for more details.

Osaka: The Ultimate Street Food Scene

Japan is known for many things–Eye-popping scenery, cutting-edge technology, unique culture, and more. But many can argue that Japanese cuisine stands above all else. Any fan of Japanese sushi and ramen should pay a visit to Japan to experience the food for themselves. More importantly, if you are a self-acclaimed foodie, you need to visit the eating capital of Japan, which is Osaka.

image of Tokyo skyline during twilight in Japan.

Tokyo is impressive, but what about Osaka?

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Japan earlier this year in the Spring. It was my second time visiting Japan in a span of six months. Prior to visiting Osaka, I had stayed in Tokyo. Near my hotel, I had probably the best beef tonkatsu I’ve ever had in my life. The tendons are so soft your brain may think you’re eating sashimi rather than beef, even for just a few seconds. Of course, no visit to Tokyo is complete until you visit the famed Tsukiji fish market, where you can find some of the best fish in the world. If you’re unfamiliar with the type of fish in sushi, you might want to check out our article about it here. Then I visited Kyoto and had Kyoto-style ramen. I’ve had many bowls of ramen in the United States and in Tokyo, specifically around Shinjuku where its ramen are popular. However, nothing compared to the ramen I had in Kyoto.

Dontonbori during the Spring, 2018.

I thought I had a pretty good idea of Japanese cuisine…until I visited Osaka. There was nothing that could’ve prepared me for what I experienced at Osaka. As soon as you get off the bullet train and enter Osaka, it’s almost like you’re visiting another country. There are ancient castles that pierce through the skies along with modern skyscrapers and the dazzling lights of Dotonbori will impress even those accustomed to the Las Vegas Strip. As you step inside the streets of Dotonbori, the allure of the city will absorb you.

There is no doubt that Osaka is known for its marvelous street food. Whether you are a fan of okonomiyaki, takoyaki, or yakitori, you will be in street food heaven. Everywhere you turn is a tent smoking with a scent you simply can’t resist.

japanese chicken grill Yakitori set with leeks

Japanese Chicken Grill Yakitori set with Leeks

While Osaka Japanese Bistro here in Las Vegas is well known for its excellence in sushi, they boast a diverse menu that brings the elements of Osaka itself. If you can’t make a trip to Osaka in Japan anytime soon, that’s OK. You’ll find many common favorites such as takoyaki, kaarage (fried chicken), and gyoza from our late night menu. Are you a yakitori fan? Come and try our one of the dozen selections we offer at Osaka Japanese Bistro. Nothing will close to the food from Dotonbori for me, but Osaka Japanese Bistro is real close. But don’t just take my word for it, I urge you to come and try for yourself.