Osaka Japanese Bistro: Delicious sushi takes time, dedication, and experience

What makes Osaka’s sushi & sashimi famous and well known for its high-quality fish?

The level of quality maintained at Osaka is nothing short of exceptional.

Exceptional Upper Management

First, it starts with having an excellent team and it primarily begins from the top and trickles to the bottom. Our top starts with the owner and sushi connoisseur Gene, and only he carries the highest quality fish and seafood available here in Las Vegas. Gene refuses to lower the standard of any fish that will potentially hurt his restaurant’s reputation.

Experienced Staff and Head Chef

Next, Gene and the management ensures that the head chef enforces stringent quality control when ordering seasonal seafood. Head chef Andy, aka “Andy-san”, has been a sushi chef for many years. His years of experience serving high-quality sushi is part of the reason that Osaka has been able to consistently maintain its superior quality. Andy personally samples and tastes many of the food before purchasing and maintains a strict level of quality assurance. Once a purchase has been ordered, keeping the fish clean and prepping it also takes time and practice.

“Many people may think that once a fish is ordered, it just needs to be stored and kept fresh before serving,” Andy-san stated. “But there are many different types of preparation each selection of fish needs to go through. Storing it in different ideal temperatures and filleting the fish also plays a huge role in keeping it fresh and delicious before eating.”

What is the freshest option available?

If you want to order the freshest selection of fish, make sure to ask your server or chef about the daily specials. The daily special will always feature the latest fish that have passed stringent quality control tests and is ready to eat.

Chef preparing raw salmon for sashimi, Omakase style Japanese traditional.

This is also the case for the Omakase. Omakase is a full-course sushi meal that is catered by the chef. This also ensures that the chef will only select the freshest options available during that day. Many restaurants offer Omakase but are usually always a set price and menu. It’s important to remember that traditional Omakase should not be a set menu.

Because Osaka offers seasonal specials, it will most likely never be the same price each time, let alone each table, due to items being constantly sold out. Our purchasers keep this in mind and always puts in an effort to have plentiful options and stocks. Though Osaka does sell out due to high demand, our careful decisions ensure that the quality you experience is truly second to none.


If you seriously want to test the level of quality Osaka has to offer, skip the usual lunch specials and instead try our daily special and/or Omakase. You will be impressed with the results!