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Sake and Sushi in Las Vegas

Combat Cold Weather With Some Hot Sake

Sushi and sake…Can you name a more iconic duo? Strangely enough, it wasn’t until the turn of the century when the Japanese adopted eating sushi with sake on a regular basis. In the past, sushi was enjoyed more commonly with beer rather than sake. Care to know more about sake? Read on! Sake is produced […]

Sushi Spotlight: Sea Urchin (Uni)

If you’re new to the sushi scene, you may be slightly troubled by the sound of this dish. Anyone that has seen a sea urchin on TV or even in real life knows well to stay distant from these spiny creatures! However, any seasoned sushi connoisseur will have nothing but praise for this delectable dish. […]

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Let’s Get Some Okonomiyaki!

At first glance, okonomiyaki seems like a cross between a breakfast pancake and New York pizza with mayo sauce. A little strange, right? While the okonomiyaki seems out of the ordinary to first-timers, those that have tried okonomiyaki can all agree that this iconic Japanese street food is delicious. If you can get over the […]

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Why You Need Sushi In Your Diet

Sushi is truly a versatile delicacy. It can be enjoyed in a number of different ways such as nigiri, rolls, or even sashimi. Choosing one of the three forms of sushi usually comes down to personal preference. However, if you are on a diet for weight loss (or even weight gain!), sushi may be a […]

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A La Carte vs. All You Can Eat Sushi

Today we’d like to discuss a topic that is commonly asked in the sushi community here in Las Vegas–A la carte vs. All you can eat sushi. Which is better? “Better” can be quite subjective, so we can break this down into several categories. Let’s discuss each topic one by one: Before we begin this […]