Sushi Spotlight: Sea Urchin (Uni)

If you’re new to the sushi scene, you may be slightly troubled by the sound of this dish. Anyone that has seen a sea urchin on TV or even in real life knows well to stay distant from these spiny creatures!

However, any seasoned sushi connoisseur will have nothing but praise for this delectable dish. “Uni” actually refers to the edible part of the sea urchin, which is the gonad that produces the roe. Fresh uni is usually creamy and softly dissolves in the mouth with little to no effort.

Uni - Osaka Japanese Bistro

You can tell the quality of the sea urchin by inspecting the color, smell, and consistency.

You can determine the quality of uni by taste, color, and scent. Grade A uni is usually bright yellow or gold, odorless with a creamy consistency. This level of uni is often offered only an a la carte sushi restaurants.

With Grade B and C level uni, you can immediately notice the lack of color saturation. It is common for Grade C uni to contain leftover parts from the sea urchin. The restaurant’s lack of proper handling of uni can also degrade its overall quality.

Uni is personally my favorite dish. When I visit a new sushi restaurant, I order uni as my benchmark to evaluate the overall quality of the restaurant. It’s widely known that the upkeep of uni is challenging. Not only does the fish itself need to be purchased fresh, but maintaining that quality within the restaurant before serving is a task in itself. Based on the taste and quality of the uni is a good indication of the restaurant’s overall attention to detail.

Street view of Osaka Japanese Bistro restaurant in Henderson, NV

Osaka Japanese Bistro serves fresh uni and other delicacies.

At Osaka Japanese Bistro, you can be rest assured that the quality of our uni is second to none. When it comes to offering the best fish and experience, we don’t take shortcuts. For the closest Japanese cuisine experience in Las Vegas, please visit us at Osaka Japanese Bistro. You won’t regret it!