Sushi, Teppanyaki, Hibachi, Sashimi and More – Read About the Japanese Cuisine You Love

Udon Japanese noodles in a bowl on black slate table. Traditional Japanese dish.

A Big Bowl of Udon Noodles

Enjoy Japanese Noodles in Las Vegas What’s on the menu at Osaka Japanese Bistro in Las Vegas? A big bowl of Udon! What is Udon? Udon is a thick, elongated Japanese noodle made with wheat flour. Its neutral flavor lends itself well to flavorful additions, such as soy sauce, chili pepper, sesame, ginger and scallions. […]

Osaka japanese bistro tempura ice cream dessert dish

What’s for Dessert at Osaka Japanese Bistro?

At Osaka Japanese Bistro, diners will not only enjoy our fresh and authentic lunch and dinner menu selections at each of our two Las Vegas locations, you will also discover many instant favorites from our hand-picked selection of traditional and Japanese -inspired desserts. Top Off Great Japanese Cuisine With a Great Dessert You’ve just enjoyed […]

cinco de mayo banner with Mexican dancer illustration

Cinco de Mayo Celebration in Japan?

Cinco de Mayo Celebrated in Tokyo, Japan Cinco de Mayo is one of a handful of Western festivals that are celebrated in Japan. It seems an odd choice for Japanese to recognize, but that’s mostly due to local promotion as a fun, multicultural appreciation of Mexican and other Western cuisine and a chance for music […]

Best Japanese Food in Henderson at Osaka Japanese Bistro

Osaka Japanese Bistro has provided one of the finest dining experiences in Las Vegas since 1967. Thousands of tourists and locals know they can get the freshest and best selection of sushi in town at Osaka, along with a huge selection of great, authentic Japanese food in a great, classic Vegas setting and location. But […]

Sashimi plate fresh raw fish presented by Osaka Japanese Bistro

Learn About Sashimi, the Fresh Japanese Delicacy

Have you run across sashimi fans who tell you how much they love eating raw fish on a plate and wondered what was so special about it? If you’re a sushi fan, chances are you’ve encountered sashimi at a sushi bar. But what do you know about this distinctly Japanese and very special delicacy? We’d […]