Little Known Facts about Your Favorite Raw Fish Dish

Sometimes the secret behind good food isn’t just the best ingredients or the right recipe; the fascinating history and little-known facts can be just as delicious! Today we bring you a few snippets of information about Sushi that you may not have known.

#1 Contrary to popular belief, the word Sushi doesn’t mean “raw fish.”

The term actually refers to how the cook prepares the rice, by flavoring it with vinegar. That means that even vegetarian sushi dishes like avocado rolls and temaki are still real sushi.

#2 Tuna is a common ingredient, so much so that almost 80% of the world’s Bluefin tuna caught is used for Sushi.

At Osaka, we serve 18 different sushi rolls using tuna!

#3 The knives that sushi chefs use is the modern version of a samurai’s sword.

They are finely crafted and must be routinely sharpened every day, ensuring only the most accurate, precise cuts.

#4 How sushi looks is just as important as how it tastes.

Sushi chefs put a great deal of effort into how their meal is arranged and appears to the hungry customers. A great meal isn’t just eaten with your mouth, but with your eyes as well.

#5 The most anybody has ever paid for sushi-quality Bluefin tuna was $1.76 million for a 489 lb Bluefin Tuna.

It was bought by a Tokyo sushi restaurant chain Kiyomura K.K. This comes out to over $3000 per pound of fish, and a fish that size would make a lot of tuna rolls!

Remember these fun facts the next time you eat at Osaka, because behind every sushi roll, there’s a story.