Favorite Nigiri in Las Vegas

A simple question with multiple different answers–What’s your favorite nigiri in Las Vegas? Do you favor a popular choice such as salmon, or something more adventurous like scallop or sea urchin? Despite your answer, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality nigiri when you dine at Osaka Japanese Bistro.

Yellow Tail (Hamachi)

Yellowtail - Osaka Japanese Bistro

Yellowtail is a common favorite in most sushi restaurants.

I know many people that claim yellowtail (hamachi) is the best nigiri, and rightfully so. The yellowtail does so many things correctly. First, it is a generally neutral flavor with a subtle sweet after taste as you chew and swallow the fish. This cannot be said with some of the more dominant choices such as red caviar or more widely known as ikura (Also brilliant but in a different manner). Because of its rather neutral base, the yellowtail is one that is enjoyed at the beginning or the end of the course of the meal.

Sea Urchin (Uni)

Sea Urchin - Osaka Japanese Bistro

Sea Urchin (Orange colored fish at center). Not a common favorite, but a must for a sushi connoisseur.

Personally, my vote is the sea urchin (uni). Not only do I enjoy the rather fishy taste of the sea urchin, it’s also my “screening” nigiri of choice. When fresh, sea urchin is one of the most enjoyable nigiri you can select. However, it is quite expensive and succumbs to a rather short shelf-life. Thus, if you want to gauge how fresh (or not fresh) a restaurant really is, your best bet is to try the sea urchin and taste the quality. If the color is rather dull and its flavor overly fishy, chances are the restaurant is not very good at ordering fresh ingredients or keeping up its stock.


How about Osaka Japanese Bistro’s yellowtail and sea urchin? It’s been in business for decades and you’ll find many food critics claiming it as Vegas’ best when it comes to taste, quality, and service. Can you count on Osaka to serve exceptional yellowtail and sea urchin? You betcha! Come down and see for yourself.